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Coronavirus advice and information to patients


                Bingley Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic would like to welcome you back!

   Whilst many things have changed, we want to assure you that we remain committed to                 delivering the best possible care and treatment to you during these difficult times.

 We have implemented risk assessments for the practice and put in place high levels of             infection control and management to ensure we have minimalised the risk to all coming in to   the practice.

 As a result, we have introduced a number of measures and changes that we would like to make   you aware of;

Please ask staff if you would like them to wear a mask if you are in a risk group.

 You will need to wash or sanitise your hands on arrival and before leaving the building for 20   seconds.

 All infection prevention and control measures are being undertaken including wiping down   all surfaces between patients.

Contactless card payment is preferred, If you need use chip and pin payments, the card   machine will be wiped down with anti viral wipes before and after each patient.

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